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C. G. Jung said that "every man's theory is a self-confession." What you find written here reflects my understanding and way of working as a Jungian Analyst.  

The hallmark of Jung's theory is living the truth of who you are. Analysis facilitates letting go of learned attitudes and adaptive behaviors that keep you living a false sense of self.  In the process, a transformation occurs. You experience a more conscious connection to who you are on a soul level.  You have a greater capacity to make choices and to take intentional action that is life giving. 

Every analysis is different, since what happens between two people is unique to them.  In our intial consultation, we will decide together if I am the right therapist for you at this time.  

Throughout our work, we will address together the here and now that prompted starting analysis, developmental processes affecting the present, unconscious communications via dreams, etc., and dynamics between us that mirror your relationships.  Our focus is on the present. We address the past only as it shows up as interference in your present forward movement.

Training in analytical psychology was a natural evolution in my professional work. For me, Jung's theory is the best blend of spirituality and psychology.  His model of psyche includes the idea of the Self.  He describes the "Self" as the totality of psyche/soul that connects us to the Mystery we call God.  When we live out of a conscious relationship to our larger Self, we are able to integrate experiences, mediate conflicting desires, and live more fully.  

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Essential Embodiment Practices,

Deepen the relationship to your authentic self by cultivating 6 essential embodiment practices.   Circle opens on Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice.  


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